Collection: Artistic Bestiary

Immerse yourself in a world where artistry merges with nature in our exclusive collection of nine animal portraits. Each work of art captures the essence and vitality of iconic creatures such as the majestic owl, the rare albino crow, the ferocious tiger, the elegant deer, the powerful polar bear, the charming red fox, the stealthy lynx, the noble horse and the wise orangutan.

These portraits invite you to explore the diversity of animal life with a unique artistic perspective. Rembrandt's meticulous combination of black aniline, white acrylic, bleach, watercolors and black India ink on 300 gram paper brings to life every detail, from the intense looks to the textures that define its singular character.

" Artistic Bestiary " is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of our companions in the animal kingdom, manifested in these nine unique pieces, crafted with an exceptional combination of materials that enhance the essence of each creature in an artistic world that transcends boundaries. of the imagination."