About me

I am Juan Cabornero, an art lover since the dawn of the 90s. With Spanish roots, I was born in the vibrant city of Valladolid. From an early age, art became my passion, a flame that ignited my creativity and love of visual expression. My first steps into this exciting world began with pencil portraits; an economical choice but full of creative potential that allowed me to explore the subtleties of human representation.

As my dedication to art grew, my curiosity led me to experiment with various techniques. From watercolor to Indian ink, from etching to etching, my artistic journey was a constant discovery of possibilities. It was sculpture, particularly exploration into the three-dimensional world, that expanded my perception of art. My background in 3D sculpture not only enriched my understanding of volumes, but also shaped my pictorial vision in unique ways.

What I enjoy most about art is its traditional and visceral aspect. Experimentation, direct contact with materials, the feeling of letting yourself be carried away by the creative process; They are experiences that nourish my artistic soul. Oil painting, with its ability to transform the canvas into a universe of colors and emotions, is my favorite technique. When I immerse myself in the oil painting, I lose track of time; Each brushstroke becomes a dance between my heart and the color palette.

Each work you find here is a representation of my artistic exploration and a journey in which I fully immerse myself. My wish is that, when contemplating my works, you find a unique connection and a window to my artistic world.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of sharing my passion through several exhibitions where I have presented my oil works. These experiences have enriched my creative process and have allowed me to connect directly with those who appreciate art in its purest form.

Thank you for being part of this creative journey and for visiting the gallery.