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Juan Cabornero

They still say that fish is expensive

They still say that fish is expensive

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The play "They Still Say Fish is Expensive" recreates a shocking and moving scene in which three fishermen find themselves immersed in a tragedy on the high seas. The man on the left, visibly affected and with gestures of despair, mourns the loss of the fisherman who lies in the center of the boat. The latter, in a state of ethereal stillness, is tenderly held by the fisherman on the right, whose gaze is hidden behind the shadow of his beret.

Among the elements that make up the scene, a calendar marked June 23 and a casserole with food highlight the daily life interrupted by the tragedy. Two lanterns, one on and one off, project a light that contrasts with the emotional darkness of the situation.

On the ground, freshly caught tuna lie next to the deceased fisherman, one of them almost touching his hand, symbolizing the continuity of fishing despite misfortune. At the top left, in a corner of the painting, the night sky reveals a constellation, perhaps signaling an inevitable and eternal destiny.

This work, inspired by Sorolla's mastery, transcends the visual to tell an emotional story about the fragility of life in the context of the routine and daily work of fishermen.

Technique: Oil

Support: Canvas

Measurements: 92 x 73 cm

Completion date: September 2023

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